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May 08, 2017 at 15:21

Dear Older Generations, Here’s A Message For You From ‘Privileged’ Millennials

by Shalin Jacob

We are the millennials. 

We're the ones who're often chided for our unconventional choices. We're called entitled and privileged for not sticking to the 'ideal' path and paving our own rocky roads instead. For not doing the 'safe' jobs and opting for the ones that actually bring us satisfaction. For having an opinion and having the choice to raise our voice and be heard in the crowd. For not saving enough and 'wasting' our money on our travels. 

But honestly, isn't experience a better teacher than books? Isn't paving our own path better than blindly following one made by someone decades ago?

We're people who do things differently without any qualms. And for all those who don't understand us, here's a small video that might help:

We might come across as brash, childish or immature, but in doing what we love, we're finding the best versions of ourselves. And that's exactly what we want for the future generations as well.  

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