Lady Olenna Tyrell might have exited the stage from the global phenomenon that is Game of Thrones, however it will be really long before we forget her badass farewell. In a show full of exceptionally written characters with the wit to out-do each other all the time, Lady Tyrell held her own with her fluent sarcasm and her absolute fearlessness.

Source: Fandom

So where does so much sass come from? This unshakeable confidence of the character comes from the actor Diana Rigg herself. And it's only after you see some pictures of the actor from the 1960s, do you come to realise how it all really makes sense. 

Many Twitter users chose to share pictures of Dame Diana Rigg from her youth, and after seeing them you will definitely have some perspective on how all that badassery of Olenna Tyrell makes complete sense.

Some even went ahead and tried to compare the pictures of the on-screen grandmother-granddaughter duo of Diana Rigg and Natalie Dormer. And the result was quite freaky!

What a glorious beauty, Dame Diana Rigg. Surely gonna miss her sass all the more as the stakes raise higher in the coming episodes of Game of Thrones.