If everything else in life takes a back seat when you're deep into the black hole of e-commerce, trust me, you're not alone. And these memes will prove how this online shopping disease is infecting way too many unsuspecting (now, broke) souls.

1. On our undying love for the online shopping life.

2. Everything else can take a hike. It's sale time.

3. My poor debit card though.

4. I only shopped 6 times this week. Kahaan gaya paisa?

5. Define longing. This is longing.

6. I want someone who can make feel as special as the website that sends me a thank you note.

7. Ain't nobody got money for shipping.

8. Why God why?

9. And then God said, "never miss the opportunity of a discount."

10. Cash on delivery for the win!

11. Dekho woh aa gaya!

12. The only man who can legit put a smile on my face every time.

13. Expectation vs. Reality. Will still never leave the online shopping life.

*Close tab. Get back to browsing products.*


Design Credits: Kumar Sonu