We, Malayalis, are a special bunch. We have so many wonderful qualities that it's impossible to list them all out. We also have unique Malayali things that only fellow Malayalis will get. If you're a true blue Malayali, you'll definitely get these things:

1. The first superhero we knew.

Source: OldMalayalamCinema

Jayan could do stunts like no one's business. 

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2. Anything ground on this ancient thing tasted 100x better. 

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3. A Malayali household is incomplete without this. 

Source: https://keinwert.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/dsc_00131.jpg

Or at least a modern version of it. 

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Source: Sangaa

4. When you see these, you know someone has returned from the Gelf.

Source: Diary of a Trendaholic

5. Every Malayali's favourite car hanging.

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6. Breakfast of Malayali champions. 

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7. Malayalis love benena chips.

So does the rest of the country.

Source: NDTV

8. Bollywood has SRK & Amitabh Bachchan. We have Mohanlal & Mammootty.

Source: b'Source: OnlookersMedia'

9. State ka footwear - Paragon chappal. 

Also handy when parents wanted to throw something at us. 

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10. Every Malayali household has this. 

Sometimes, one in every room.

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11. Bevco - The only place where Malayalis maintain decorum. 

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12. Your mom read it, you looked at the photos of bras, your mother's friend borrowed it and never gave it back. 

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13. How every Malayali kid grew up. 

Source: Great War Forum

14. Your first lesson in feminism. Sthree janman. Punya janmam

Source: TheHindu

15. Long, luscious, black locks are something a lot of Malayali women take pride in.

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15. Every Malayali chettan ever.

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16. Every Malayalam actor's humble beginning.

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17. The secret of a Malayali's energy. 

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18. A common sight at every house in Kerala. 

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19. Malayali kid privilege and of course, the tastiest fruit ever! 

Source: WikiMedia

20. The best scene in the history of Malayalam comedy. 

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21. The cure for everything. 

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22. The state attire - Mundu

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23. What most Malayalis serve at weddings. 

Source: BBC

24. Can't live without it! 

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25. Every young communist youngster wants to be him. 

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26.  The locally brewed and the best alcohol there is. 

27. The divine combination of kappa & meen

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28. The absence of this will make your relatives think that you're being ill-treated by your parents. Or you're just plain poor.

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Are you a true blue Malayali?