As soon as the coronavirus scare took over and our office allowed us to work from home, I rushed to go back home and be with my parents.

I was lucky enough. Luckier than many who are braving the lockdown, on their own, alone.


After spending more than a month with them during this crisis, I have begun to realise how much I missed living with them. 


This speaks true for many of us, who left homes to go to the big city, chasing our dreams.

Yes, that independence and sense of freedom, living away from home & making something of yourself, on your own, is an unmatched feeling.

But that independence has come with a cost. The distance from my parents. 


I mean, if you’re a person who has stayed away from your parents for far too long, you’d suddenly start valuing the small things your parents do that you thought you’ll never get now in this lifetime. 

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Whether it’s the daily pampering or the maa ka khana you’ve craved for several years or even those stress-less naps, it almost feels like you’re back to being a kid. 


Of course, sometimes the pampering gets a little overbearing, but remember when you were sick and alone, how much you craved that attention, that care?


When you just hoped to lie down in their laps and discuss all your worries without any judgements?

I missed it.


Living with them for this long after years has made me realise how they have also evolved just like us. There has been a lot of change in their routines, their behaviour and even in their personalities. 

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I have realised that all those happy phone calls were sometimes just a cover so that we, as kids don’t worry about them. 

They are growing old and am glad and grateful that I have got this opportunity to be with them & spend as much time as possible.

Due to this lockdown, I have experienced the joy of learning something new about them. 

Like their sleeping schedules, what they like to eat now. Even the daily shows they wouldn’t skip for the world.  


Though I do miss going out and meeting my friends, I am glad I am getting to spend all this time with my parents and getting to know them through this quarantine.