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Of all the awkward situations we’ve ever got ourselves into (which are many!), there are some sticky ones that never stop haunting us. Yet sometimes, we have no option but to revisit the horror of such events. Like, every time a guest asks for directions to our washrooms, we get a mini heart attack. What if it’s a stinkfest? 

Unfortunately, shelling out huge bucks on fancy tiles and a spa-like design doesn’t guarantee that our toilets won’t embarrass us with the toxic cloud we leave behind after every use. Thankfully, there are ways in which we can keep the odour from being a total buzzkill and make sure the toilets smell pleasant. Check out these 6 ways in which you can do it. 

1. Trust the power of ventilation.

Recycling as a concept has been much appreciated worldwide, so why not do the same with your bathroom’s air? Keep the windows open and the exhaust fans running to remove any stale scents. 

2. Remember to clean out the trash can every three days.

And no. Simply closing the lid on your trash can will not help. Bathroom garbage is generally filled with the kind of discarded products that can not just spread bad odour, but also germs if not cleaned out regularly. It’s because these are personal products like sanitary napkins, wet wipes, chipped nails, etc. So stop being lazy!

3. Give your toilet a deep clean.

The toilets are a potential germ breeder, so cleaning it every 2-3 days can really do wonders for your bathroom. You can also try removing the toilet seat (only if you can) and thoroughly wash the toilet bowl off any hard water stains and mineral deposits. For this purpose, your perfect companion would be the Domex Fresh Guard which makes the toilet surface hydrophobic. This means it makes the toilet surface water-resistant. As a result of this, hard water salts such as calcium and magnesium are unable to settle on the toilet surface for three days, while also emitting a fresh smell. 

4. Keep clean and dry towels.

Dirty, damp towels are one of the most overlooked causes of bad bathroom odours. Keeping damp towels in a humid washroom will result in them not drying off fast enough. This can lead to the towels contributing to the growth of poor-smelling bacteria and fungi. So make sure you do not leave any wet towels on the racks next time after using the washroom. 

5. How about some Aromatherapy for your toilets?

Using air fresheners is alright, but for the scents to linger around for longer consider using essential oils. You can use a diffuser or simply place cotton balls dipped in essential oils for a fragrant washroom. Another great option is scented candles. The heat and the smoke coming from it can help neutralise the pre-existing smells in the bathroom, while also spreading a pleasant fragrance of its own. Besides, they also make for cool decor options. 

6. Check for mold.

Given the damp state it is usually in, it is extremely easy for mold to develop in your bathrooms. You can spot these by looking for black stains under your sink, on the back of your toilets, walls and ceilings. You can scrub these off with a mixture of 2 tablespoons borax, quarter cup of white vinegar, and 2 cups of warm water. Once done, don’t forget to wipe the area later with a dry cloth. 

Now if you think about it, keeping your bathrooms free of stale odours is a no brainer. Especially when you have the toilet area under control with trusted products like the Domex Fresh Guard that keeps it clean and smelling nice for three days. It’s a powerful toilet disinfectant that comprises surface modification molecules. It leaves a transparent film on our toilets, making its surface repel water to prevent any residue from collecting on it, and also precludes breeding of germs. Adding to this, it also leaves a long-lasting fragrance so you’re not almost on the verge of throwing up every time you enter the washroom.

Check out the product here and get yourselves a happy bathroom!