The Covid-19 pandemic prompted lockdown was a yorker none of us knew how to bat to. Overnight, we were locked in our houses, clueless about the future, dreadful of the deadly virus that was haunting the world. We were under siege from something invisible to the naked eyes. 

But, tryst with time is as such that everything begins to align eventually. And slowly, we all grew accustomed to our new reality, often referred to as ‘the new normal.’ Today, while we are making efforts to return to the normalcy of the pre-covid era, some changes are just too hard to reverse anymore. 

Can we ever go back to exactly where we started? Is that even possible?

Speaking of this, here are some major lifestyle changes that the coronavirus pandemic has accustomed us to. Not all of these are good. Not all of these are bad. And not all of these are true for everyone. Much like life, these are just shades of gray we all had to acclimatize to.

1. Work from home became a thing & we all love it.

I know some people are against working from home. But the majority support a hybrid reality, and that’s great too. Who would have thought one day we won’t have to go to our offices every day and earn money while sitting in our PJs in the comforts of our house? The thing about WFH is that it just seems more convenient, and so many people love it.

2. We became over-reliant on the social media world.

The pandemic mirrored two polar opposite shades of the social media world. On one side, humankind came to each other’s aid, and social media posts and stories were flooded with appeals and sources for oxygen cylinders during the second wave. Then, the other dark side was also reflected in the form of depleting mental health, excessive social media trials, extended screen time, and social media anxiety.

3. We went for virtual dates to keep the fire going.

Pandemic essentially turned most relationships long-distance. But the desire for rendezvous found another outlet, and online dates became a thing. Endless conversations shifted to Zoom. Some of us even met our partners online. We had movie dates, dinner dates, and many other random dates. Isn’t it crazy? And yes, nothing can substitute the physical presence of a loved one. It wasn’t perfect, but it was imperfectly perfect, and that’s okay too.

4. We joined Zoom links to savor the big and small joys of life.

Be it weddings or birthdays, every big or small celebration shifted online. What was once a big fat Indian wedding became a small-scale celebration of the couple over a Zoom call. But even amidst tragedy, people found their way to savor big moments of life. We decked up for these Zoom calls and decorated our backgrounds in the best possible way. It was very different, but obviously. It was a bitter-sweet feeling to be happy about the occasion and be a little sad about missing out on the adrenaline of an in-person celebration at the same time. But it’s the best we could have done, and we went for it.

5. We discovered new hobbies and interests.

Lockdown gave us extra time that we might have spent on traveling. As frustrating as it was to be locked within our houses, some of us explored our passions and interests and developed hobbies that have become an integral part of our daily life. We cooked, we baked, we made art, we created music, we danced, and essentially got closer to ourselves.

6. We have become cognizant of physical and mental well-being.

Conversations around physical and mental health significantly increased during the pandemic. Sanitizers had been existing for a long time, but they were never used how they are today. People now wear masks, focus on a good diet, and pay attention to washing hands and face frequently. Those who could not go to the gym started workouts at home. Also, the many tragedies of the pandemic prompted an emphasis on an individual’s mental well-being. This doesn’t mean mental health did not suffer in the pandemic. However, people are now more conscious about their mental health and pay attention to it.

7. We began to prioritize family time.

Before the pandemic hit home, so many of us were preoccupied with our work and other responsibilities that we often skipped spending quality time with our families. If not anything, this lockdown did train us to take a breather and cherish the time we have with our families, our parents.

8. We understood knowledge can be about anything and can be gained anywhere.

So many of us took online courses to expand our knowledge base and skillset. What’s noteworthy is that these courses were not just related to academics. They were about musical instruments, baking, psychology, philosophy, and basically anything and everything. And it was super cool.

9. We might have fallen in love with OTT.

OTT has been a blessing during the pandemic. When we couldn’t step out to the theatres, we saw our favorite movies and discovered some really incredible series on different OTT platforms. Life became a little easier to navigate in lockdowns with such good content available to consume.

What’s a major lifestyle change that came into your life from Covid?