We stop ourselves. Don’t believe me? Think about the times you stopped yourself from taking risks just because you thought you couldn’t do them. Not just that, when you did those deeds for real, how many times did you realize that they were not as difficult as you had imagined them to be? 

Sometimes, we manifest obstacles just by self-deprecatory negative self-talk that we causally utter every day. These make-believe assumptions harbor self-doubt and sluggishness in our demeanor, and we end up not living up to our potential. Here are those everyday pessimist affirmations that you must stop telling yourself right now. You know who you all are. If you say any of these, please stop. This is serious! 

1. Nobody loves me

2. My life is a total mess

3. I suck

4. I am an idiot

5. If only I were thin

6. I am ugly

7.  I hate my body

8.  If only my nose was a little smaller

9. I am going to die alone

10. I have bad luck

11. I can never be successful

12. I am just too old

13. I will never be able to do this

14. I hate myself

15. Today’s just not my day

16. Everybody hates me

17. I don’t have any talent

18. I’m bad luck

19. I am not loveable

20. I don’t love myself

21. It’s like I am always surrounded by problems

22. I am too lazy to do this

23. I am not a creative person

24. Nothing about Monday is good

25. I’m a pathetic person

26.  I will never be happy

27. I hate my job

28. Will I ever be happy?

29. I will never get a job

30. I can never save any money

31. I can never get anything right

32. I can’t handle pressure

33. My life is nothing without you

34. My love life is doomed

35. I am incomplete without you

36. I don’t have a life

37. I am not good at this or anything at all 

38. Nothing in my life is ever sorted

39. Things will never work out for me

40. I am a big-time procrastinator

41. It’s not you, it’s me

42. I’m stupid

43. I don’t have any deep rooted interest in life

44. If only I did not exist

45. I’d rather not live at all

46. Why do I exist at all?

47. If only I were born rich

48. Why do bad things happen to me?

49. I don’t like anything

50. I will never be able to move on from this

51. Why is it always me?

52. I don’t know anything

53. Why can’t anything in my life go right?

54. I am always awkward at social gatherings

55. I just never know what to say

56. I’ll never have time for this

57. I won’t survive this

58. I’m a loser

59. I’m dumb

60. I can never achieve anything in life

These are just prototypes. What you may be telling yourself could be directly or indirectly related to any of these. The point is that you need to put a full stop to such self-demeaning talk. Even when you’re at a dead-end or just frustrated. You have enough challenges already. You don’t need to become one challenge for yourself by constantly telling yourself that you’re no good. Because you are. Perhaps, this is step one of self-love, just be kind to ourselves. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, please reach out to your family or seek professional help.