Adulting is one of those things that no one can truly teach you how to master. You can learn to approach it with a good attitude, but ultimately, it’s in the future and no one knows what lies ahead, right?

Well perhaps, this Reddit post where people have shared adult-life struggles that are rarely talked about will ease your load around it.

Here, take a look for yourselves:

1. “40 hour work week is too much. IDK how everyone else does it. I feel like I don’t have enough time for that, to relax and to have a social life.”

– BlushButterfree

2. “I do around 30 (hours) and still struggle to keep on top of house work, cooking healthily, and exercise. That’s before I add in extras like gaming or learning a language, general downtime.”

– NoochNymp

3. “How hard it is to make friends who are also sober. I don’t want to hang out with people who drink, smoke, do hard drugs, because I don’t do those things, and it makes me uncomfortable to be around people who do.”

– bluezebra_eleven

4. “You feel like you’ve finally made it financially and in your career. But then the economy humbles you and makes you feel like you will never be able to rent your own place or buy a home unless you’re rich or married to someone. Can’t just be independent.”

– guzman-g

5. “I haven’t even made it in any sense of the word, but it’s very discouraging that if I ever want stability I basically have to find a partner or be willing to live with roommates. There are no affordable housing options for single people. I wouldn’t even want a ton of space, just some to call my own.”

– goldenrodddd

6. “Planning, prepping, and cooking meals every single day.”

– CeruleanCynic

7. “Mental health issues. I have depression and ADHD and I have been seeing therapists on and off since I was about 5 and I am 29 now. I am black, and in my community, mental Illness is swept under the rug a lot. If you talk about your issues or you even suggest going to therapy, you are looked at as a punk or like you are weak. I wish that there wasn’t such a stigma around mental Illness in the black community.”

– BumpyDenny93

8. “How much it takes to be that high functioning adult — you know: the self care + professional growth activities + strategies for financial security + being ‘present’ + investing in family/friends. It’s the feeing of inadequacy when you JUST CAN’T DO IT ALL. I’m tired just thinking about the amount of ‘self-care’ actions that are supposedly required for me to stop feeling so tired. It’s like this endless loop. It’s wearing me down.”

– Throwaway-2461

9. “Once I realized adulthood is just a never ending to-do list, I started to feel pretty hopeless about it all.”

– rose_colored_boy

10. “To see your parents getting older and sick.”

– _Leenda

11. “Just day dreaming of retirement, hoping I can afford it when it’s time.”

– a_mac21

12. “That healthy relationships take work. I used to be so caught up in the cute parts of a relationship: cuddling, traveling, dates, etc. Those are easy parts. Opening up to a person and having those tough conversations, listening to their wants/needs, making compromises is tough.”

– FruitSnackEater

13. “The envy you experience seeing friends get better jobs or buy property when you can’t afford to. It’s tough. A lot of my close friends got handouts from their families to get on the property ladder, and hearing them whine about their finances drives me nuts. One had her flat bought for her outright, earns twice what I do, and still groans about how she wants to win the lottery. In my opinion she already did.”

– honestpotatolabels

14. “The feeling of isolation. Making friends is harder the older you get. It’s nice to have one friend to talk to, get together with, rely on etc.”

– missihippiequeen

15. “How hard it is to live with the choices you made when you were young and stupid.”

– LeighofMar

16. “How hard being a parent is. It’s one of those things that unless you’ve helped raise a baby, you can’t really grasp how much it takes from you.”

– TakethThyKnee

17. “How unless you have long-term friendships from when you were younger, it’s extremely hard to form close friendships. Everyone is just too busy as an adult, you try to keep in touch or make plans and they fizzle out or barely respond. Or even struggle to find things to talk about. It’s rough.”

– farawayxisland

18. “Losing your parents.”

– too-muchfrosting


– MissKellyBee91

20. “How boring it can be, especially if you don’t have any goals left to work towards. Up until you graduate, life kind of has these predefined and regular goals for you to work towards. Finish the school year, graduate elementary school, middle school, high school. Apply to university, complete you exams and semester then the year and finally graduate. Then you start looking for your first post grad job. That’s all built in. But what do you do once you’ve graduated and you get the job you wanted. There isn’t much else left.”

– AureliusCommodus

21. “How hard it is when you are at a childbearing age and people are wondering, asking why there are no children?”

– L_i_S_A123

22. “Waking up to how garbage your ‘perfect’ family members are. You really think adults know everything.”

– Mella_20

23. “Having to set boundaries in all social interactions. I was always a rule follower, I did everything my parents and teachers told me to do. I’m 39 now and still have a natural instinct to do whatever a friend, boyfriend, strangers, ask of me.”

– claupaz0175

24. “Dealing with the aftermath of childhood trauma in the form of relationships with family, friends or a partner. It really does affect every aspect of your life. Also, running late behind your peers. Not having a job or figuring out your career until the late 20s is something I feel so lonely about, because no one talks about it.”

– blueberryemotions

25. “Post 40 weight gain and metabolism slow down, it is so bad and so real and happens to almost everyone.”

– Gilmoregirlin

May we all grow up and older with as much grace as possible. Because, it is tough out there folks.