We don’t appreciate the worth of days until they pass. Similarly, we don’t realise the value of basic things until they are sold to us at ridiculous prices. Remember that Sabyasachi saree that looked exactly like the ones your Nani or Dadi had?

A Desi Twitter user stumbled upon something familiar, but this time in a foreign land. Although most of us are unaware of the origins of the staple steel tiffin boxes, they have always been seen as ‘our thing’ in India. And now our beloved dabbas are apparently back in style and are being sold in a Hipster store in Europe.

Naturally, other Desi Twitter users rushed to the thread to share their own childhood stories. In fact, some of them have confessed that they still use the same decked steel lunchboxes.

All I can think about now is how we, sneakily, tried to open these boxes before lunchtime in class.