If you ever hear ‘Mr 305’ and it totally catches your attention, then we believe you are a fan of partying. 

How do we know that? 

Because rapper Pitbull uses it in literally all of his songs. 

Just Richest

Pitbull is one artist who helped us 90’s kids transition from birthday parties to pubs and clubs. He introduced us to what partying is and what dance music really sounds like.

Sure, there were artists and songs that made us want to tap our feet. But after this Spanish hit-maker entered the music scene, he completely changed the game.  

Not only did he compose some really catchy tunes, he also made dance music his damn trademark. 

I remember listening to I Know You Want Me and Hotel Room Service for the first time and that song spread like wildfire. Whether it was a club or even radio, this song was on everyone’s playlist. 

After that, there was no stopping this man. He collaborated with tons of hit popular artists and made some kickass music that can still make dance like a maniac. 

Whether it was a Give Me Everything with NeYo or a Rain Over Me with Marc Anthony, all these songs had some crazy beats. Can you believe that these were composed in 2011?

And how can one even forget his On The Floor with JLo and International Love with Chris Brown? I mean, those songs were party favourites long after the release of the songs.    

(Side note: How hot did JLo look in On The Floor?)

Moreover, he also made a rather ‘interesting’ song with our very own desi girl Priyanka Chopra and it surely did do wonders… for everyone.    

So, whether you agree with it or not, Pitbull has and will always be the life of every party.