We’ve all been in isolation for almost two months now. Day are getting hazy and seamlessly seeping into one another. Is it a Friday? Monday? My mom’s birthday? Nobody knows anymore. 

And while we all know that this is for our own good and safety, it is completely normal to feel frustrated during this period. 

Some days you don’t feel like doing anything and during others you are hyper-productive. Everyone is having a tough time with this situation. 

But your greatest power is your perspective. Instead of looking at this as a punishment, think of this as an opportunity to re-fuel. Reconnecting with friends, making video calls, playing games online, has only boosted our social life. 

I know, this seems like the longest episode of Black Mirror where all the choices lead to you being quarantined. But remember, this episode will eventually end. 

When we come out of this, we will be stronger, well-equipped to handle this pandemic and happier than ever to enjoy the little things we took forgranted for so long. For example, I will never say no to a movie date again or tell my colleagues I can’t come for a drink after work. 

This too shall pass. This is not a permanent situation. You will eventually go back to enjoying breakfasts by the beach and listening to your friends bicker about where you want to eat. 

Looking at the bright side isn’t that easy, but we do have people with us. We are not in this alone. So stay in touch with family members, friends, and anyone who is feeling lonely. We’re holding each other up right now. 

The last resort through this all – is to fake it till you make it. Fake being at a restaurant, fake your date nights, fake the cocktails at noon, fake chilling with your co-workers. And then one day, watch it happen for real.