There's something about the big O!

The pinnacle of desire, that one singular moment when everything in your body feels united. This is what everything leads to. The end goal. Finale. Or, climax, as someone rightfully put it. 

But is this climax, or, orgasm to put it correctly, anything beautiful? Most of us may feel that it's a face we'd rather not show to the world (not even to the person who helped us get it!). 

However, a 24-year-old, German photographer is out to change the way we look at the 'O' faces.

As part of her debut photo-series, Alina Oswald captured portraits of friends and strangers, the exact moment they orgasm. And unlike what you'd expect, they're exceptionally arresting. 

It all started when Alina first captured her friend's orgasm face and then, her own. Soon, word spread through friends and parties and many people were keen on being photographer in their most intimate moment. 

In an interview with Creators, Alina said:

So many people were interested in being part of the project and the experience of having an orgasm on camera.

Titled Moments, these black-and-white portraits have gained massive popularity across the world, marking Alina's inclusion in an increasing group of women keen on presenting erotica through photography. 

And Alina isn't done yet. As Moments continues to garner popularity, she has massive plans to expand the series. 

I still have so many interesting people I want to photograph. So I can't stop now.

Check out some of her beautiful portraits:

For more of her work, you can click here

Images courtesy: Creators