Everyone has priorities in life, and Azhar Ali is no different.

He hit a decent shot off a Peter Siddle delivery and went and stood in the middle of the damn to pitch to 'chat' with his partner Asad Shafiq.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, the ball stopped right in front of the rope and was picked by Michell Stark who threw it towards the wicketkeeper. The wicketkeeper, then, conveniently dismissed Azhar because he couldn't be bothered to run. 

I have no idea what the two were talking about, but it must have been something important because the ball went near the boundary- was thrown by the fielder- was caught by the wicketkeeper- was thrown at the wickets- 

While the two just watched. 

Even after the dismissal, the batsmen kept standing and staring at each other and it's just too much ya. 

Twitter, obviously went berserk over this meme material served fresh on the plate. 

What is this even? 

I am more competitive about getting paani puri than these two were about scoring runs (or like, walking two steps to not get dismissed).