If you enjoy parody songs as much as I do, then you would definitely know Salil Jamdar, India's own Bart Baker.

He's the king of spoof videos and his YouTube channel has over a million views.

If you live under a rock, this might jog your memory:

Aaya yaad?

Koi nahi, moving on...

Salil released a new song called 'The Marry-You-Anna' song. 

Yes, it's exactly how it sounds in your head. We could call this our own weed anthem. 

The song begins with a very 'forbidden-love' vibe to it.

Just like we have a nutrition chart for everything we consume, 'Marry-You-Anna' has its own.

He also makes it clear that cigarette-smoking is a different ball game altogether.

I'm up for anything that makes my bowel movement smooth AF!

And before the haters start talking smack about how 'addictive' marijuana is, he's already got it covered.

So unlike every other 'stoner song', he's actually not selling that J-life but rather disagreeing with it.

Check out this'pehla nasha' parody song here: