Time and again, we hear news about people undergoing skin whitening to look fairer.

Giving it a rather bizarre twist, a clinic in Thailand introduced treatment for penis whitening. Because why not?

Source: NY Post

According to a BBC report, the cost of one such session is $650 (41,000 INR) and it involves laser treatment to break down the skin melanin to make it look fairer. 

The clinic posted an advertisement for said treatment on Facebook and it was shared over 19,000 times in two days. Following which, more and more people started inquiring about and undergoing the treatment. 

Source: BBC

The clinic currently has around 20 people coming from various parts of the world, for vagina and penis whitening every month. 

Source: Asian Age

The Thailand Health Ministry, upon noticing that the trend has picked up, has issued a warning about possible side effects like pain, inflammation, scars and difficulty in having sex.

And they said we will have flying cars in future.