Eaten in millions of households across India, poha is a healthy breakfast option for many.

Source: Maps of India

However, there are some out there (me included) who aren't a big fan of the dish.

I mean, it's basically half-cooked boiled rice with peanuts? How can people like it? 

But then some people like Trump also, so yeah.

But surprisingly, our poha has found a fan in Hollywood. 

And she happens to be none other than Miss Kaley Cuoco a.k.a Penny from The Big Bang Theory.

Source: DC Gazette

She professed her love for poha to the world in a recent Instagram post. The actor was dining in a famous Indian restaurant called Paowalla in New York, and could'nt stop gushing over our humble poha.

Now that's a lot of poha. And while most people looked mighty impressed with the Indian dish, there were some who couldn't help but notice a pair of glowing 'eyes' in the background.

I think she should totally come to India and be the first guest in this upcoming talk show.

Thanks to your poha love, I think you made some new fans Miss Cuoco. If you ever come to India, the poha's on us.

Update: It was brought to our notice by Twitter user Leah Gomes that the dish isn't poha but moong bean and basmati khichdi. Looks like Kaley's taste buds aren't that different from ours. And just for the record, poha isn't that bad either.