Humans are one of the most curious bunch of animals. We go to every extent just to feel what other living forms might be feeling. Like this man who decided, 'Fuck it, I am gonna be a goat'.

Well, today we are talking about the NC Mermania, an international event where the organizers believe anyone can be a mermaid or merman.

Source: OrganicArmour

The event was held in Greensboro, North Carolina over the span of three days and over 300 people decided to explore their inner aquatic animal.

Source: OrganicArmor

They had a tailor, oh pardon my mistake, the mertailor made custom silicone and fabric tails.

Source: Guokr

The average tail costs around $3,000 and it's quite light, and made for swimming. 

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Many photographers come at the event, because let's face it who wouldn't like to click such mes'mer'izing photos.

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Who says mermaids don't exist? 

Source: BlogAdaFruit

Mystical right?

You can watch the video uploaded by Mermaid Kelly for more.

What a time to be alive!