We all know that India is a colorful, vibrant, diverse country. We have a beautiful amalgamation of cultures, geography, and of course, people. Everywhere you go in India, you will find faces that tell a different story.

And if traveling around the country is a task you can't take up, worry not. You can always admire places and people second hand via the magic of Instagram. Like, check out the account Photographers of India, a fine curation of all shades of India, that brings together some amazingly captured shots of people of India.

1. Window seats always make for good shots.


2. So do peeping Toms.


3. And the many goodbyes train platforms see each day.


4. Sleep, perchance to dream.


5. Struck and captured.


6. Of the many gossips and tales.


7. And chasing bulls for sport.


8. Tales of innocence.


9. Yes, such sights abound in India.


10. And there are surprises at every turn.


11. Or a tale of a hard-earned life.


12. Or a fun filled one.


13. Or one where time passes by slowly.


14. And there are true love stories beyond the books.


15. And all these sights will bring you joy.


16. And you will learn to appreciate the tales that faces tell.


17. Even if they tell a funny story, you will capture it.


18. And grow your perspective of the world.


19. And find beauty in the small things...


20. ...and even the simpler pleasures that life brings.


Reminds me of that book title by Dr. Seuss, only with a twist: Oh! The faces you will see!