Life is often unfair. I mean, you have good days and they are pretty good. But then come the bad days and boy, those days are on a whole new level of shite. These are the days where you wish that you had gotten kicked in the nuts instead!

Well, if this is one of those days, we will help you feel better. And you know what is the only thing that can make a miserable day like this better? It's others' misery.

And his entire life just flashed before his eyes!

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No, you are not!

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That's just fucked up!

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Don't do it, man.

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Hope he has insurance.

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Lucky isn't his middle name! 

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Naah, man1 That not how you do it.

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In case you are wondering, that's snow.

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Eyes on the road, mate!

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How did he even get there?

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Why would you even do that?

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Not sure, why nobody pointed that out.

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This is why I have trust issues. 

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That shit's leaving an unwashable stain. 

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Reality is going to hit him so hard.


Oh, Diego! 

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When life gives you an Apple, don't light it up, dude. 

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The Revenant in making!

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Lunch is served. 

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Vitamin D will leave a shitty taste in her mouth. 

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You are the trash!

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He had it coming!

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Don't try this at home.

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Feeling better, yet?