As kids, an unsaid rule used to be followed strictly in my house. 

Any room that had just been mopped, was out of bounds for at least 20 minutes.

And even if your life depended on going to that room, this one rule had no exceptions. 

Back then, I used to hate it. I hated the fact that we were forced to restrict our movements like that.

But now that I clean my own place today, I realize how annoying it is when people just trample, like literally stomp all over your hard work.

By walking into my house with their shoes on.

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Bhai matlab kya dikkat hai?

Kyun maza aata hai apne gande joote leke andar aane mein? 

It's not as if I'm making you climb a mountain, right? 

All you have to do is take them off. And you don't even have to bend down to untie them. You can always pull them off with the alternate foot. 

And guess what.

I'm giving you a spare pair of slippers to wear inside my house. It's not as if I'm asking you to walk barefoot either.

But no. You have to walk inside wearing your dirty shoes/slippers/crocs/God knows what and bless my entire house with your presence. 

You MUST make sure that the germs feel themselves at home.

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And to add insult to injury, if they sit on the sofa, they make sure to extend their legs till they're well placed on the carpet.

You fucker, I spend half a day vacuuming that shit. So some compassion, maybe? 

So to all those who valiantly enter someone's house with all their artillery (read: shoes), don't. 

Just don't.

Mera ghar koi mandir nahin hai jahaan se aapke joote/chappal chori ho jaayenge.

So just take them off outside and enter. I promise nothing's gonna bite your feet. 

And if you really love your footwear, just hang them around your neck or something. As long as they're not touching my floor, I don't care.

Time to go now. Somebody just rung the doorbell. I just hope they take off their footwear before entering.