You thought Avengers: Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover in the history? I beg to differ.

I think it's periods during summer.

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There's heat, humidity, sweating and to top it all, there is blood down under, accompanied with cramps and mood swings.

It's like Mother Nature has assembled all her villains and ordered them to attack our bodies. 


Menstruation in this heat tests everything, from our patience to our decision making abilities. 

Do I wipe the sweat, or settle the pad? 

Are my thighs sweating or is that actually blood?

Is the heat driving me crazy or is it the PMS?


And what's worse, with temperatures and humidity increasing faster than petrol prices, you can't even use a heat pad to help your uterus cope with the pain.  

Walking is tough, eating is tough and bathing, well, it's like being on the set of a Tarantino movie. 

Every time I take a shower, there's literally a pool of blood on the floor of my washroom. Which, as you can imagine, is a very pleasant sight to see.

And acne, of course. Humidity, dust and heat generated by the body, all do wonders for my already flawless skin. 

Obviously I want to be free and comfortable during summers, but that's difficult during periods. 

I have to wear tight jeans and leggings, at least for the initial 2-3 days, because that mad flow needs a strong barrier.  

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More often that not, we learn our lessons the hard way, after a lot of crying and cribbing.


And as if this wasn't enough, rashes also make a special appearance every now and then. More so, when it's hot.

Because how much can you stuff your tiny crotch anyway?

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And then there are girls in sanitary napkin commercials, who are prancing around in the bright shining sun. My question to them is, how the hell are you doing it?

Like, sister, it's not even required and I wonder if that super-pad of yours also has pain reducing and cooling elements. 


To be fair, there ain't a competition between seasons when it comes to periods. They always suck.

But, if there's one season I wish I could switch them off for, it would definitely be summer.