In a great step towards protecting animal rights, non-profit organisation, Cruelty Free International-brought 8.3 million signatures against animal testing for cosmetic purposes on the World Animal Day.

The signatures were submitted to the United Nations Headquarters in New York City and will play a role in advancing UN’s sustainable development agenda.

This joint effort was brought about The Body Shop, which is the first international skin care brand brand, to campaign against animal testing in cosmetics industry, and Cruelty Free International, which happens to be the first global, non-profit organization and is solely dedicated to making efforts towards this cause. 

It is said to be the most ambitious campaign ever against cosmetic animal testing.

These signatures will have a far-reaching effect and will urge the UN countries to come up with a framework to end testing like this, in any and every form. 

Animal testing is a cruel practice that is still carried on by many big corporates around the world.

According to Cruelty Free International's personal research, more than 500,000 animals are still used in cosmetics testing each year, and that is just saddening. 

We hope that countries across the world say no to this inhuman activity and let animals live in peace.