Have you ever been to a party where the presentation of food was so goddamn beautiful that you almost felt guilty for eating it? Perhaps a mind-blowing designer cake that looked utterly delicious, but also worthy of preserving for the sake of amazing art. You know what I am talking about, right?

Well, here are some food art pictures that are so stunning, you won't have the heart to eat them no matter how hungry you are.

1. A blend of food and love! Amazing, right?

Source: Huffington Post

2. You are looking at a smoothie bowl.

Source: Notey

3. Fruit carvings for your food cravings!

Source: Pic Net

4. Looks so real, doesn't it?

Source: Reddit

5. Ever thought veggies could take this form?!

Source: Pinterest

6. Mickey love on food plates!

Source: We Heart It

7. How cute are these edible minions!

Source: Quo

8. Seems like food and art are a perfect blend.

Source: The Motivo

9. How can one eat these?

Source: Awazin

10. A castle to start your day!

Source: Youne

11. That's watermelon art, you guys.

Source: Pinterest

12. Can you make this onion salad?

Source: Pinterest

13. Bright sunny day for breakfast. But wait, I don't wanna ruin this.

Source: Foursquare

14. Orange is the new cute food.

Source: Pinterest

15. A latte to go. I'd feel so guilty for having this.

Source: Twitter

Visual pleasure trumps hunger!