Did it ever happen when you were soaking in the beauty of nature or just taking in the sights that you suddenly spotted something that looked everything like it should not?

We have rounded up 35 pictures that are worth all your giggle time.

1. Shaping Apollo?

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2. Nailed it and how!

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3. When nature felt a lil like dicking around!

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4. That's how you say NO.

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5. Poor dog, forever phallic.

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6. Prayers get answered, son.

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7. Happy (dick)dents?

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8. You will sweat for these arms

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10. Eyes that can turn the heat on.

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11. Now THAT, ladies and g'men, is a lamp post!

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12. She's just blowing it really well.

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13. C'mon just thighs. Move on guys.

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14. What are YOU staring at?

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15. Wait, is that a... ? Yes.

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16. Mothertruckers!

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17. I see a facewash. What do you see?

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18. That's just a fountain, guys. Move on. No. Wait.

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19. Admire nature now, won't you?

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20. That's REALLY touching!


21. Good luck biting into that!

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22. Cliffs, beauty, nature, standing tall... and adding to the wrongness.

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23. Design fail or design win?

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24. Remembering the face of a (pervert) kid who giggles at Haribos.

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25. CHANDELIER, guys!

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26. When buildings decide to drop a hint.

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27. Wine holder, wise ones.


28. When life gives you toothpaste, BRUSH THEM TEETH.

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29. Whattay *collars up* that would be!

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30. That's when your job gives you the feel of an orgasm.

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31. The shape of a church. We need to amen to that.

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32. Leave the mousse snowman alone, guys.

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33. Can't you see it's a shoe?

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34. God bless America.

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35. Let's all hang out together.

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36. Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of, wait. Penis?

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Perverts, everywhere!