On this day, 107 years ago, during the third session of Delhi Durbar, King George V and his wife, Queen Mary, ascended the throne as the rulers of India. At the same ceremony, he announced that the capital of British India will be shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.

Here are pictures, onwards 1911, chronologically, which tell the tale of the transformation that the nation's capital underwent.

1911: Delhi Durbar

Source: History Today
Source: The Better India

1911: Moments after Delhi was announced as the capital of British India.

Source: BBC

1916: The Chamber of Princes.

Source: The Princely States of India

1925: Rashtrapati Bhavan under construction. 

Source: The Wire

1927: Pakistan Delhi Muslim proposal meeting.

Source: Marxist

1927: New Delhi's first airport at Safdarjung.

Source: Hindustan Times

1928: Jama Masjid 

Source: Amazon

 1929: Central Assembly House Bombings

Source: Speaking To You
Source: Patrika

1931: India Gate under construction. 

Source: Mansi Gill

1931: New Delhi under construction by Lutyen.

Source: Scroll

1931: India's brand new capital, New Delhi, was inaugurated by the then Viceroy of India - Lord Irwin.

Source: Mohandas Menon

1934: Voters outside the Town Hall in Delhi during polling in the Assembly elections.

Source: News 18

1934: Secretariat Building.

Source: Flickr

1936: Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Source: Pinterest

1937: Gandhiji with Nehru and Abdul Gaffar Khan.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

1942: Chawri Bazaar.

Source: Catwiki

1943: Tram on the streets of Delhi.

Source: Flickr

1943: Muslim League Council Meeting.

Source: LSE Blogs

1946: First meeting of the newly formed Constituent Assembly.

Source: History Discussion

1947: Red Fort hoisting the tricolour.

Source: Yahoo

1947: Nehru addressing free India.

Source: The Indian Express

1947: British Indian Army.

Source: Yahoo

1947: People clamber aboard an overcrowded train near New Delhi in an attempt to flee India.

Source: Washington Post

1951: First Asian Games held in New Delhi. 

Source: Inside The Games

1966: Beatles in New Delhi.

Source: Live Mint

1969: Rajdhani Express' first journey.

Source: Outlook India

1972: Chandni Chowk.

Source: Flickr

1975: Demolition near Red Fort during the emergency.

Source: The Indian Express

1984: Delhi consumed by the Sikh genocide.

Source: Scroll

2002: Delhi Metro gets its first trial run.

Source: The Hindu

2010: Delhi hosts the 19th Commonwealth Games.

Source: Asia News

2015: AAP forms its government in Delhi.

Source: The Indian Express

We've come a long way, folks!