We've all had that one photograph we thought would be perfect because a stranger offered to click it for us but actually, turned out to a major disaster. 

Though strangers who offer to click our pictures are sweet, what would you tell them if they ruin your travel pictures? 

Here are 30 not-so-perfect pictures that would make you travel with someone and never alone, just to ensure you come back with great-looking shots!

1. How about the view?

Source: Lauryna Jončaitė

2. Wrong timing!

Source: Sean Thomason

3. The jubilant kids!

Source: Richard McCann

4. That uncontrollable finger!

Source: Kate Miller

5. Ruined the sunset!

Source: Michaela Scholte

6. Because what would we do without our hands?

Source: Bianca Libbon

7. The not-so-perfect people at the perfect spot.

8. This hurts the most!

Source: Yings

9. Well... well... well!

Source: Tyler Lum

10. That's major love for the Eiffel Tower!

Source: arden_cho

11. A stranger took his photo with Mona Lisa instead!

Source: figboot11

12. They couldn't prove they were at the Yankees Game.

Source: : kristinwbrowny

13. Finger AGAIN!

Source: kelcyparrish

14. A stranger in a hurry took this.

Source: miss_dizzy

15. Thank you for this stranger!

Source: paulthepastor

16. That wonderful stranger!

Source: evolve_essentials

17. Shoutout to this one!

Source: sydney mackillop

18. The only epic one!

Source: Hotel La Pace‏

19. A stranger fond of legs!

Source: Macca Bill

20. Disadvantage of traveling alone.

Source: TheThomason

21. Rolled my eyes on this the most!

Source: Ashley

22. The emitting light is almost blinding. 

Source: Samaya Roary

23. The perfect mid-sneeze picture.

Source: Gavin Fernando

24. The only one from Christmas! 

Source: Kyle

25. The dangerous panorama created by a stranger.

Source: aj

26. How could the stranger not take the heads? 

Source: sonianni

27. Planned to frame this but NO!

Source: adamandlianne

28. All that hard work went for a toss!

Source: derrickbatl

29. That was the Statue of Liberty, FYI.

Source: maestroben1

30. The one failed angle in Chicago!

Source: Tyler Steffen

I dare you to travel alone and come back with satisfying pictures!