Could you ever guess you can blame premature wrinkles, breakage in hair fall and eyelashes, or acne on your pillowcase? There are unimaginable ways, in which something as innocent as a pillow cover may be the cause of your woe and worry.

After a tiring day, when you are done beating the bejesus out of your skin and hair with pollution and everyday chemicals, and slide into the lush comforts of your beds after a quick clean-up regime, there is still a chance you might be punishing yourself.

Here are some ways in which your pillowcase might be causing you trouble without you realising it:

1. Clogs Pores And Causes Blemishes

If your pillowcase is not washed for a long time, your pillowcase can house dirt and oil from your skin and hair as well as the environment. The dirt and oil can get transferred to your skin in the process and cause blemishes.

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2. Causes Allergies

Many pillow covers may be subjected to harsh chemicals during the manufacturing in order to bleach or color pillowcases. This can be very unhealthy for your skin and hair, and may even cause allergy to people who have a sensitive skin.

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3. Bad For Acne-Prone Skin

If you are already prone to breakouts, whether it's because of hormones, genetics or stress, pillowcases can aggravate an already delicate situation and cause micro-irritation, making the matter worse.

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4. Causes Hairfall

Whether you sleep with your hair tied up or not, the friction between your hair and pillow case can get rough - leading to breakage and hair fall. Isn't it wise to chuck pillows and reduce one factor for hair fall? Plus, no bed-hair when you let it slide freely!

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5. Causes Wrinkles

Letting your face brush against the pillow might loosen your skin's elasticity. The friction between your face and your pillow can cause premature compression wrinkles.

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6. Makes Your Hair And Skin Drier

Pillow covers absorb sweat and moisture so you feel drier and more comfortable. Pillow covers can suck all the moisture out of your face and hair too. Isn't it better to go pillow-free and retain the moisture your skin and hair needs?

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7. Can Make Your Eyelashes Fall Out

While you may have a wonderful sleep, your delicate eyelashes can suffer from the friction between the pillow cover and your eyes. It takes a long time for eyelashes to grow back and you don't want to let the pillowcase pluck your eyelashes out, right?

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Let go of dirt and grime and let your skin and hair breathe free!