Gone are the days when one would want to run away from grey hair. The platinum blonde look is soon becoming a fashion statement and people are embracing it and how! 

Closer home, Lisa Haydon and Karan Johar were seen confidently wearing this new look and killing it. 

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If you are someone who likes to experiment with your hair, here are 15 photos that might just convince you to go platinum. 

1. Because platinum is the new black

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2. Who said grey is the colour of ageing?

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3. Still think grey is boring?

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4. Mamma mia

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5. Platinum highlights, anyone?

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6. Grey or nay?

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7. Still not convinced?

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8. I'm definitely considering getting it done  

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9. Because platinum is just perfect!

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10. Oh so classy

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11. For those who like it dark

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12. How about this?

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13. Stand out and how!

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14. Need I say more?

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