Whether you like it or not, PMS is a part of every girl's life.

It's like that shitty ex who shows up once a month and demands all your attention at once and then disappears all of a sudden.

Here are some memes which will perfectly sum up the first few days before your vicious blood cycle starts.

1. The reason I can't maintain a healthy diet.

2. Is it just gas? Is it diarrhoea? Either way, it's a shit show.

3. Uterus be like, "Halo friends, acne le lo."

4. That meaningless wet feeling.

5. And ... *TRIGGERED*.

6. I should have downloaded that period tracker app.

7. When you want to snap at everyone but know that's not a good idea.

8. Chal na Uterus, compro kar le na...

9. You never know when the Hulk would get angry.

10. How dare you?

11. Focus? Woh kya hota hai?

12. When you don't experience PMS & can't talk to anyone about it.

Let me go stuff my face with chocolate.