Remember the days when 5 PM was the time for all of us '90s kids to go on an adventure with a certain someone from Pallot town? Yes, I'm talking about the good ol' Pokemon days. Now when the Pokemon Go app is taking the world by storm, even Indian fans are busy walking on the streets looking for the cute little creatures.

A lot of people are still trying hard to cope up with the mechanics of the game. So, we decided to bring to you some tips to help you catch 'em all:

1. Start the game with the option of capturing Pikachu.

When you start the game, you are given a choice between Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander. If you're a vegetarian who'd like to have a cabbage to start off, you choose Bulbasaur. Any decent Pokemon trainer would start with the other two options. If you choose to move away and not pick any of the first three Pokemon, you end up with another area where you get a choice between four Pokemon with Pikachu being the latest entry. 

You can then choose Pikachu and start your electrifying journey as a Trainer.

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2. Increase the accuracy of Pokeballs by tapping and holding the Pokeball.

You need to tap and hold the Pokeball button till you see a green circle around the Pokemon you've found. Time the throw to when the green circle is the closest to the wild Pokemon and you can easily catch it without wasting many Pokeballs.

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3. Keep catching the same Pokemon again and again. And then use the candies to evolve them.

One of the major complaints that most users have is the abundance of a specific Pokemon near their office/homes. You might want to catch a Pidgey/Ratata/Ekans again and again. Once you have multiple Pokemon of different CPs, you should transfer them to Professor Willow. You'll get candies in return that can then be used to evolve  your Pokemon.

I recently evolved my Pidgey into a Pidgeotto using this technique. This will come extremely handy if you're getting the same Pokemon again and again.

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4. The types of Pokemon that spawn around you depend on the location, the weather and the time of the day.

If you're living in an area full of trees, chances are that you've come across a lot of grass Pokemon. Water Pokemon show up near water bodies like lakes, ponds, rivers and beaches. They also show up when it's raining. Ghost Pokemon show up during the night. Electric Pokemon show up during thunder storms. Fire Pokemon show up in green areas during sunny days.

Make sure that you use these guidelines when looking for that one specific type of Pokemon you desperately want. 

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5. Spin the Pokeball for a nice curve throw and gain extra XP.

You need to level up quickly to get that bit of extra advantage over other Pokemon Go players. For that, you'd need more experience points i.e. XP. When you spot a Pokemon, make sure to draw a tiny circle around the Pokeball to give it a nice spin. Then throw the Pokeball at the wild Pokemon and the catch will earn you extra XP.

Once you level up, more rewards and Pokemon start showing up on the map.

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6. Learn using incense properly as it attracts more Pokemon near you.

Every trainer starts with two incense packs. Use these wisely as they'd result in rapid Pokemon generation for 30 minutes in your nearby locations. You can move quickly and catch a lot more Pokemon this way. You can get more incense from nearby Pokestops.

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7. Save your phone's battery with a simple setting on the app.

One of the biggest downsides of the Pokemon Go app is how rapidly it drains your phone battery. Carrying a portable charger is obviously a safe way to solve this but Nintendo already offers a better solution that is built into the game. If you go to the settings option on the game menu, you will find the battery saver option. Use it to save your battery life and get more time to catch your favourite Pokemon.

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8. You can fake locations on Pokemon Go if you're feeling too lazy.

Is this cheating? Yes. Can we get away with being lazy? Yes. So, why not? In a move right out of Team Rocket's handbook, you can fake your location using certain apps that mask your GPS location. Here is an easy hack that'll help you find more Pokemon.

So what are you waiting for? Don't you want to be the very best that no one ever was?

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PS: If you've found a Charizard in Delhi, please let us know where. We'll love you forever.