In the latest in bizarre statements and threats being made over nationalism, the head of BJP’s Bengal unit threatened that anyone who shouts anti-national slogans “will be chopped six inches from the top”.

While addressing a meeting of party workers in Birbhum following clashes sparked off by a Facebook post by a student, Dilip Ghosh reportedly said, “Anyone who raises slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ will be chopped by six inches from top”.


The threat about beheading anyone shouting “Pakistan zindabad”, comes at a time when lawmakers like OP Sharma have talked about shooting anyone in the name of nationalism and lawyers went on to assault students and journalists alleging the same

The BJP also distributed pamphlets in the area alleging that the mob which ransacked a police station, also targeted bystanders, burned shops and attacked Hindu houses, Zee News reported

And this is what someone had to say on Twitter about this: