BJP MP and Dalit leader Udit Raj raised a few eyebrows today with a tweet which suggested that champion Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt went on to win nine Olympics gold despite being born in poverty after his trainer advised him to eat beef twice a day. 

But then beef happens to be a pretty major issue for the BJP whose governments in various states have come out with tough law banning its trade. So, the MP decided to play it down later. 

Udit Raj, however, tried to play down any controversy saying that he merely repeated what Bolt’s trainer had said. 

He said that all he meant was that athletes can find a way to excel despite adversities and they should not blame circumstances for their failures. 

b’A beneficiary of beef | Source: AFP’

“All I wanted to say that giving excuses that we don’t have infrastructure or there is corruption should be done away with and lesson, dedication should be learnt from Usain Bolt… What I wanted to say is our players should find ways and means as he found ways and means,” he said, adding there is no lack of facilities for sports persons here. 

The government spends a lot of money on them compared to nations like Jamiaca or Kenya, he said, steering clear of any mention of beef.