If you’re one of those people who believes ‘saffronization of education’ is just paranoia propagated by ‘Congi supporters’, please open your eyes. 

According to a tweet by Reddit India, this notice was directed at students of IIT Roorkee who “did not show interest” at the ongoing Yoga Camp in the campus.

Some more context (thanks to Reddit user sentibaba)

  • RKB stands for Radhakrishnan Bhawan, which is a students hostel
  • IDD stands for Integrated Dual Degree

Let us blow that up for you

b’Source – Reddit’

Dear Manish Pandey, the man who behind this grammatically challenged notice, are you freaking kidding me? Why are you trying to shove yoga down the throat of unwilling students? You held a camp, fine. The people who’re interested will show up and those who aren’t will skip it. End of story. 

Why do you have to force people to practice yoga? Last time I checked, yoga wasn’t part of any technical education syllabus. Why treat mature students of a technical college like kindergarten children? Let people make their own decisions. By forcing your agenda on them you’re denting the prospects of this country’s future.

b’Source – IIT Roorkee’

We’re not the only ones who find this problematic – there are others who’ve tweeted their concerns on this issue.

Dear IIT Roorkee, we’re ready to believe that this was not an institutional decision but the zealous and insecure battle-cry of one assistant warden. We think it’d be mighty cool of you to issue some clarification on this and not let one man tarnish the legacy of your institution.