Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who never misses an opportunity to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday night tweeted what seemed like a barb over the Udta Punjab censorship controversy:

But Twiteratti were quick to pounce on it and came up with their own poems. #KejriwalShayari soon began trending on twitter, with many coming up funny poems in response. : 

Here are some of the funniest!

1. A valid explanation for the CM’s poetry:  

2. This one got the Delhi CM’s sentiment just right: 

3. Can’t argue with this: 

4. This shayari seemed pretty topical given the weather and mango season: 

5. Doesn’t everyone hate their colleagues?

6. Though it’s not winter, this one remains evergreen

6. This one’s truly beautiful…if you like raita

7. Finally a valid explanation for the ‘high’ claims made: 

8. He should have seen this one coming: