PM Modi and Israel’s Presdient Reuven Rivlin, who is in New Delhi for a state visit to India, and both the heads of states issued a joint statement centered on Indo-Israeli relations and countering terrorism. 

PM Modi said that India recognises terrorism as a global problem, and that silence cannot be the answer to terrorism since it only encourages them. He also claimed that India’s efforts to counter terrorism are greatly hampered by our ‘neighbour’. 

President Rivlin also chimed onto the discussion, adding that terrorism is a threat to India and Israel since the countries uphold the ‘value of freedom’.

Commenting on India’s ties with Israel, Modi said: 

Rivlin is here for the first high level meting since the Modi government came to power. Talks on cooperation over issues such as security, agriculture and water resources is expected to be among the topics of discussion between the two states. 

The visit comes soon after India’s first joint commission meeting with Palestine in the last week, Indian Express reports. 

Feature Image Source: Twitter/@ANI