BJP MLA from Ballia district in UP on Friday said that he would not hesitate to violate the constitution of India if it became a hurdle in the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, according to the Deccan Herald

Navoday Times

Times of India reported another BJP MP, Sakshi Maharaj claiming that if they razed Jama Masjid, we would find the idols of Hindu deities. 

For people not living under a rock, this is just the newest statement in a long line of communal and lawless malarkey coming out of the mouths of one of the law-makers in the country. 

And like always, the higher authorities sitting at the gigantic political offices have spoken no words to condemn such statements.

We might keep on ignoring these statements because for us, sitting in the national capital, they are just minor league politicians with little significance. But this isn’t funny anymore and hence cannot be ignored.

These ‘minor league politicians’ connect to the grass root, the people who go out and cast their votes. Their voice might get lost in the traffic of television debates but the streets hear them. 

And at this point in time, when murders and public lynchings are being committed for far less, this looks awfully like an attempt at creating chaos with lawlessness if nothing else. 

Even Union Minister Kiren Rijiju Kiren had made a such a nonsensical remark.

 And it’s not just the ruling central government. Politicians from across the spectrum have come up with the most ridiculous statements.

And here are some more of them genius statements!

See what I mean. This isn’t random. These are scary times and the elected representatives the form governments aren’t helping.