Jet Airways had rejected her application for a position in its cabin crew, union minister Smriti Irani said on Wednesday, thanking the airline for turning her down.

At her witty best in a speech after presenting awards at a function in Delhi, the 40-year-old minister said the Jet job was one of the first she had applied for. “My application for cabin crew position was rejected by Jet Airways, which felt I didn’t have a good personality,” she shared, adding, “Thank God for your rejection.”

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After the rejection, the minister said, she got a job with fast food chain McDonald’s and the “rest is history.”

Ms Irani’s comments came just after she had presented an award to a Jet Airways official at the function organised by the Air Passengers Association of India. Ms Irani said she was joining the celebration as a passenger.

Smriti Irani was a model and beauty pageant contestant before she became a top TV actress and then joined politics. At 38, she was sworn in as the youngest cabinet minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government in 2014.

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A Rajya Sabha MP, Ms Irani was transferred to the Textile Ministry from the Human Resource Development Ministry in a mega cabinet reshuffle last month.

While her detractors called it a demotion, Ms Irani continues to be in the headlines, recently making handlooms trend with her #Iwearhandloom campaign.