Social media is abuzz with woes of Mumbaikars dealing with heavy rains, failing infrastructure of the city, and bosses who just won't budge and give them a leave instead. While Mumbai police has done commendable work in helping out the citizens in need, Mumbai administration has failed to provide substantial relief. In this exasperating farrago of events, Mumbaikars turn to humour for even the little consolation it gives.

It's a possibility.

When Mumbai gets creative with critique of their predicament.

Is it too much to ask, han? Bolo na.

Never leaving home ever again.

Nadiya ke paar, office humaar.

Hello Uber, Boats chala do? Paani hai.

When you sleep in Mumbai and wake up in Venice.

When rain brings out the poet in you 

Here's to acknowledging the patience and determination of Mumbai people going to work despite the heavy splurge.

Subjectivity, bro.

Just, FYI.

Option A, okay, thank you bye.

'Na-insaafi milord'.

Free entry for allll.


Hiring procedure in Mumbai be like

2 eyes, 4 things to look out for, kese how?