It was an era like no other!

Far away from mobile phones and social media, we, the 90s kids, spent our childhood playing real games, enjoying the smallest of things and making memories of a lifetime. All this without spending too much money and finding joy in the little things instead. 

Here is a list of 17 things we did in the 90s that didn't cost much but are worth more than anything money can buy:  

1. Playing carom board and fighting for the queen

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2. Chatting with friends while waiting for the school bus in the morning

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3. Spending hours standing in one place, talking on our landline phones

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4. Saving up for that once-in-a-while Pizza Hut outing after school

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5. Staying over at a friend's place and staying up all night chatting

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6. Buying comic books and reading them with friends

7. Playing cricket in the park for hours and losing track of time

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8. Going to cyber cafes to use the internet

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9. Going to gaming parlors which had fascinating joysticks to play with

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10. Going to the newly opened malls just to window shop

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11. Walking or cycling to school with friends and competing all the way

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12. Getting temporary tattoos done because they looked 'cool'

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13. Giving blank calls to your friend's place

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14. Collecting WWF trump cards

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15. Having banta during summer after school

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16. Smoking phantom cigarettes and pretending to be adults

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17. Collecting kanche and exchanging them with friends

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Have some more things to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!