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The Internet Is Crushing On 19-Yr-Old Nikolai, Prince Of Denmark Who’s Also Making Waves As A Model

by Asmita Arya

Prince Nikolai of Denmark is the elder son of Prince Joachim and his first wife, Alexandra; seventh in the line of succession to the Danish throne, and first in line to become the next royal sensation of the internet.

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Yesterday he celebrated his 19th birthday, on the event of which a new portrait of Prince Nikolai was released.

Donning navy blazer and blue shirt with a white pair of jeans, his looks justified the royal tag.

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Nikolai is no stranger to modelling world and has already walked the ramp for Burberry designer Christopher Bailey, and the Dior Homme show in Paris.

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Talking about Nikolai, his father, Prince Joachim said he wouldn't force Nikolai to perform any official duties, and will let him plan his own course of action.

"He must not be forced into anything. Nikolai's life must take place entirely after his own plan. I want to help him on my way and try to inspire him."

[FUN FACT TIME] Did you know that Prince Nikolai was in line 262 as the person who eligible to succeed to the British Throne as of 1 Jan 2001? - The succession to the British Throne is regulated by the Bill of Rights [1 W. & M. sess. 2 c. 2] and the Act of Settlement [12 & 13 Will. 3 c. 2]. The second of these extends the succession to Electress Sophia of Hanover and the heirs of Sophia's body. The following is a list of the descendants of Sophia, as of 1 January 2001, arranged in sequence by their eligibility to become the heir of her body. This type of list is often referred to as the "Order of Succession" to the British Throne. - Many other "Order of Succession" lists will omit certain persons who are, or are believed by the list compiler to be, Roman Catholic. The reason for these omissions is that the two parliamentary Acts state, in similar language, that anyone who performs certain actions (such as "professe the Popish religion", "marry a Papist", "be reconciled to or ... hold Communion with the See or Church of Rome") "should be excluded and ... made forever incapable to inherit possess or enjoy the Crown". To date these clauses have never been invoked to prevent someone from succeeding to the Crown, so their precise meaning (as far as the Succession is concerned) has never been determined. Because of this, the list below does not attempt to assert which, if any, of the descendants of Electress Sophia have been rendered "incapable to inherit ... the Crown" under these clauses. - The Act of Settlement makes no provisions for the Succession beyond the heir of the body of Electress Sophia. This means that the number of persons eligible to succeed to the British Throne under the terms of the Act of Settlement is finite, and limited to those persons who are descended from Electress Sophia in a manner which qualifies them to become the "heir of her body". #princenikolai#princenikolaiofdenmark#prinsnikolai#thebritishroyalfamily

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Can we please take a moment to acknowledge how he can look divine in literally everything?

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From sporting curly hair to runway straight locks, every hair style becomes him.

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Prince Nikolai on his 18th birthday, last year, celebrated at the Royal Ship Dannebrog.

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Next person who decrees that boys can't wear pink, Imma show them this picture and win the argument for life.

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I think I speak for everyone when I say, he sure looks like our next royal obsession. 

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