PUBG has more to it than just being the last man standing. You might not have realized it, but what qualifies as a good strategy for survival in the game can be applied in real life as well. So profound is the game, that the lessons imparted will get one prepared to brace adulthood with much finesse.

1. Too much greed will lead to your downfall.

Running around for loot, even though you know that you are pretty stacked, will make you an easy target for other players.

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2. Always keep a track on things. You may fail to understand the value of something until it is not in your possession anymore. 

You never know when you get the perfect place to camp and forget to pack enough bullets. Be smart. Stack up on the gear you need.

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3. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Running around aimlessly without having a proper plan will get you killed early on in the game.

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4. The smallest decisions that you make has the power to change your life forever. Decide on them with utmost deliberation.

It's a very bad idea to land at a location where a number of other players have landed. This significantly reduces your chances of survival.

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5. Help those in need. Your act of graciousness will be returned when you need it the most.

Revive your friend, give him supplies. He will, in tdurn, help you get that 'chicken dinner'.

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6. Don't live life in a rush. Remember, the journey is as important as the destination itself.

Drive in full speed, meet a small bump and boom you're dead.

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7. You can never achieve success. You have to run towards it.

Success lies in the middle of the circle. You will be required to constantly run towards that safe zone, and in the end, if all goes fine, that chicken dinner will be yours.

8. The early bird gets all the worm.

You need to be early and fast if you want to get the best supplies. Get a Kar98, find the perfect place to camp, and voila, you get all the sweet kills.

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9. Sometimes in life, it is best to learn from the risks that others take and the mistakes that they make.

Did you spot somebody reaching for a supply drop? Let them get shot and then go and grab the supply that their dead self just dropped.

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10. Do not give up when faced with adversity. Pull yourself together, devise a new approach, and victory will be yours.

Having just a handgun in your inventory doesn't mean that you've lost the match. Look at the bright side- you will be cautious in your approach and make a move only when required. Playing stealthily will help ensure your survival.

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11. Your best teacher is your worst mistake.

PUBG is all about tweaking your strategy and playstyle by overcoming the little bumps that you experienced in the previous playthroughs.

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