You can love them or hate them, but you simply can't ignore them. 

When you see them approaching, you know either you're in for a lot of fun or a lot of judgement. This is the basic prototype of a typical Punjabi aunty.

Punjabi aunties infest North India like ants around a piece of gulab-jamun

The gulab-jamun being you, the young adult who for some reason is a personal project for her. But these aunties aren't very liberal with their judgement and spare nothing. Not even Bollywood films!

So here we are, bringing to you movie plots through the judgmental eyes of Punju aunties, because for once, we want them to judge something other than our own, low lives!

Hey man, you've got to admit that despite everything, they are pretty damn entertaining! 

Designs by Utkarsh Tyagi and Ashish Kumar