Being a vegetarian is like belonging to a minority group no one cares about. 

Now, not caring would be fine, but the veg-shaming that follows is unacceptable (we are fine with our paalak paneer, okay?).

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Here are questions you should stop asking vegetarians, because you have the right to eat meat, not our heads.

1. You have NEVER had non-vegetarian food?

NO. Emphasising never will never change my answer. 

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2. You switched from being non-vegetarian to vegetarian? LOL, Family ne pressure kiya ya self-awakening?

None. Of. Your. Fucking. Business.

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 3. Kha le, kha le. We will go to hell together. 

What makes you assume I want to go anywhere with you? 

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 4. Arey, biryaani ka chaawal toh kha hi sakte ho. 

Thanks, but I am fine with my daal makhni and pulaav.

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5. Humans are supposed to eat animals, that is how our planet works. 

Haan, Charles Darwin ke rishtedaar. Samajh gaye. 

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6. Plants also have life, unka killing killing nahin hai?

How does it feel to waste decades of education with these arguments?

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7. Where do you get proteins from? Budhaape mein weakness aayegi.  

Yeah, waiting for you to run marathons at 90.

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 8. Veg biryani is pulaav. Veg momos are dhokha

Zindagi dhokha hai, bhai. Momos kya cheez hai?

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9.Veg momos khaane se achcha main khichdi kha lun. 

Call me also, please? I love khichdi.

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10. If you eat eggs, you are not a vegetarian. 


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11. Eggs don't qualify as non-veg. They are basically a vegetable only. 

Will you make up your fucking mind?

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12. Have you accidentally had meat, sometime? 

Have you accidentally tried to behave, sometime?

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13. Same plate mein kha loge, or you're touchy about that?

I am touchy about you asking stupid questions, but you clearly don't seem to care. 

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14. India mein toh kaam chal jaata hai, abroad mein bohot problem hogi.

I am sure I will not starve to death, but thank you for your concern.

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15. Non-vegetarian se shaadi ho gayi toh?

There is a thing called 'freedom of choice'. Look it up. 

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Stop. Just stop.