'I imagine this midnight moment's forest:

Something else is alive

Besides the clock's loneliness

And this blank page where my fingers move.'

- Ted Hughes, Thought Fox

Source: mobookchallenge

For those who love reading, picking up a good book, burying their face in the fragrance of its worn out pages and settling down comfortably in a corner alone, to lose themself in a different world is one of the happiest feelings they have known. This world of innumerable possibilities in a book, throwing different shades of light on life, universe and more is created by someone. 

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Someone who writes from experience and inspiration which he draws from within itself.  And writing is the base of civilisation, the medium by which one can express oneself and inform as well. But the frenzy to write, to put it all down on paper is something only a few have. Here is what the literary greats have to say about the art of writing. 

Inspired to write yet?

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