“I went for a long holiday for 27 years.” 

-Nelson Mandela 

He was imprisoned in his own country for 27 long years, but even that did not break Nelson Mandela. Responsible for peaceful protests as well as armed resistance against the white oppression, he was sent jailed for close to three decades, and yet came out and sparked the biggest revolution in his country, eventually uniting it.

He brought together a racially-divided nation and became their first-ever Black president. After retiring from politics in 1999, The Nobel Peace Prize winner continued to champion for peace within his country and all over the world until his death, aged 95, in 2013.

Madiba – as he was fondly called – set a classic example that no matter how difficult life gets, you have to fight the odds to emerge as a winner. For many, abolishing apartheid seemed impossible but it was Mandela’s faith and dedication that put an end to this racial segregation in South Africa. In a generation, where everyone is working towards achieving their goals, somewhere down the line when failure arrives, losing hope happens easily. 

So here are 14 inspiring quotes by Nelson Mandela that remind you that determination, persistence and faith can help you achieve what you believe in, even if you want to change the world:  

Design credits: Ankita Patel