Targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi over price rise, Rahul Gandhi today said after coming to power Narendra Modi has not said anything on the issue and demanded that he give a date by when the prices of pulses will come down. 

"You may make as many hollow promises as you want, but give us a date by when the prices of daal will come down," Gandhi said in Lok Sabha during a debate on price rise. 

Source: b'Rahul Gandhi | Source: PTI'

In his first major intervention in the monsoon session, Gandhi said the price of pulses and vegetables have gone over the roof after the NDA came to power and the farmers have not been able to get any benefit of the steep rise in the price of these commodities. 

Recalling Modi's speech at a poll rally in Himachal Pradesh in February 2014, Gandhi said while attacking the then UPA government over the issue, he had said said that 'ma- bachche raat raat rote hain, aasoon pee ke sote hain' (mother and child cry the whole night and sleep drinking the tears). 

"What a dialogue," Gandhi said thrice, taking a dig at Modi who was not present in the House. "I want to remind the Prime Minister of the promises he made to the people of the country during the poll campaign, which Modiji does not talk about now and has forgotten. 

Source: b'Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Source: PTI'

He had also promised that when the BJP government comes to power, it will bring down the prices," Gandhi said. Listing out the prices of vegetables and pulses, Gandhi said in 2014, the price of tomato was Rs 18, which has shot up to Rs 55 in 2016. 

Urad and tur dal, priced at Rs 70 and 75 in February 2014, has gone up to Rs 160 and Rs 180 this month. He said there was a gap between the minimum support price for tur dal given to the farmers was Rs 45 whereas its price in the market was Rs 75. 

Now, the MSP has risen to Rs 50, but the price of the pulses was now Rs 180. "So, there is a gap of Rs 130 in the NDA government. Where is this Rs 100 going," Gandhi asked.