Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s car was pelted with stones on Friday during his visit to Gujarat's flood-affected town, Dhanera, but he escaped unhurt, police said.

Banaskantha Superintendent of Police Neeraj Badgujar said a man threw stones at Gandhi’s car, breaking its rear glass when he on his way from Lal Chowk to the helipad in Dhanera. Gandhi escaped unhurt, he added.

  “We have detained the person who threw stones on the vehicle of Rahul Gandhi,” Badgujar said.

Earlier, Rahul was heckled by protesters at an event. He left the stage in a huff after making a brief speech in Lal Chowk area of the town in Banaskantha district after protesters showed black flags to him. Some of the people gathered at the spot also raised slogans hailing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Notably, the Congress MLA from the area is in Bengaluru as part of the party legislators who have been flown to the southern city apparently to avoid being “poached” by the BJP ahead of the August 8 Rajya Sabha polls.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi accused the BJP “goons” of carrying out the “dastardly” attack. He said that several cars in the convoy were damaged, their window panes smashed and an SPG man suffered a minor injury. “All this because the Congress Vice President went to a flood-affected area,” he said.

(Feature image source: PTI)