Blue oasis-like eyes, personality of a cheeky gentleman, and a brilliant actor - Rami Malek is absolute poetry.

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He recently won the Golden Globes Award in the Best Actor category, for his ingenious acting in the movie, Bohemian Rhapsody.

Plus our hearts too, not like he'd care. But still, that's there and he should know.

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This 37-year-old perfection grew up in an Egyptian household. His parents emphasized the importance of conserving Egyptian roots and that's something he keeps close to his heart, according to GQ.

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Rami speaking Arabic is the most adorable thing on the internet. Don't @ me. 

Not to excoticise the language or anything. But, lookie.

'Mr. Robot' sure does know how to say a million words with just his expressions.

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Malek, what you doing? AAAAA.

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Eyes or a soothing but enchanting mirage? You choose.

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Face so perfect that he truly belongs to a 'Museum', and his precious eyes indeed bring everything else around him 'alive' with life.

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His unique and colourful fashion choices have a neat and experimental bent, you can't deny.

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And just look at him, he doesn't even have to try. 

Just sitting and slaying, ya know.

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Just stand there, and we'll adore your chiseled perfection for a million years.

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Just 3 seconds of Rami doing that thing with his cutting-edge cheek-bones.

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And even though, he's prolly the quietest actor around, Rami carries a rhapsody within himself.

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All of us RN-

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While I am not very happy to share my love with the netizens, but apparently they agree with the talent and beauty this man has got.

Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?