Goa plans are like bubbles, anyone can make one but they don't last too long. Even if you have a social life is practically non-existent, you'll still be asked out for a Goa plan.

You'll get super excited about it.

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Occasionally get wild dreams of yourself chilling on the beach.

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The hope of finding your soulmate on that 5 day trip to Goa will take over almost to the point of overconfidence.

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Your phone will blow up with infinite messages on that WhatsApp group made for The Goa Trip.

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You will probably even go buy some funky stuff for the beach.

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And most importantly, you will also muster up the courage to ask for permission from your parents.

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When everything else is done, you'll be surprised about how smooth everything is going and this might be the year you visit Goa.

But, then just on the day when you are booking the tickets, a friend of yours will drop that most feared message. "Bhai, iss baar nahi ho payega, next month chale?"

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You know who you are.

I mean WTF dude! Are you going to pull this stunt again? Why can't you get your shit together and just for once not be the party pooper? Just two weeks ago, you were the most excited person on the WhatsApp group and now suddenly you just can't make it? 

How could you not know before? Can't you make sure that if you have made a promise, you do all you can to fulfill it? And the excuses are always the usual - 

Mummi mana kar rahi hai...

Mera toh confirm tha. Par, viva hai bro...

Yaar tujhe toh pata hai mera boss kitna harami hai, chutti nahi de raha...

Bhai, I am broke this month. Agle mahine pakka?

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After cancelling they will also have the balls to say the most darndest things. "Bhai, warna tum log chale jaao", when he/she clearly knows that the others won't go without him/her. Then again your WhatsApp group conversations will get flooded with everyone giving them silly solutions to their 'imaginary' problems.

Bhai mummi ko bol tere best friend ki shaadi hai...

Bhai viva hai toh kya hua, proxy lagwa dio...

Naukri chod de na BC...

Paise nahi hai? Um...

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First of all, you got the plan cancelled, on top of that I have to deal with this stupid charade of trying to convince you by giving you various solutions that you'll never ever listen to.

Why? Why do you have to be such an inconsiderate asshole every time? 

The point is, if you are not sure then why would you commit to the plan and get others excited too? Instead, be honest about your chances of making it for the trip. Try whatever you can to not disappoint people who won't be able to go on their Goa trip because of your lousy attitude towards life.

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Please start taking your commitments seriously. Yeah, just like Sallu Bhai.